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Happy Heart Story

I’d like to share a happy heart story to brighten the day. Two years ago, I moved to a new neighborhood within Richmond closer to the James River. This is a great place to call home, and I totally identify with Mister Rodgers in his well-known tune of “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” I love hiking by the river, admiring the sunsets near the Nichol Bridge, visiting Maymont Park, watching trains carrying passengers up and down the tracks behind my home, riding my bike to the Farmer’s Market, but most of all I love my neighbors.

A young family of four children under the age of 5 including four month old twin girls lives very nearby. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived close to a young family. It’s also my first time of knowing twins since birth. Children bring so much joy into our lives, and twin babies are just adorable! I’m learning new facts about twins with each visit. Every time I see their little faces I find myself smiling inside and out!

Recently, I asked the parents how the twins were sleeping. Their dad told me that they had been sleeping through the night in their… crib… for a while.  I was shocked that they slept together in one crib. They described how they placed one of the twins at the footboard and the other one at the headboard at bedtime. Then in the mornings, they find the two of them together snuggling and often holding hands. That just made my heart melt. I thought about the two babies rolling towards one another to hold hands and feel the warmth of the other.

This bond between twins is exceptional. This need to connect with others is innate in all of us. Babies just seem to do this naturally. Reaching out to others with kindness, grace, and love is a gift meant to be shared. I am so grateful for my neighbors. The image of the twins embracing makes for a happy heart story to brighten the day. As Mister Rodger’s said, “So let’s make the most of this beautiful day.”

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