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A tribute to David and rainbows…..

Rainbows remind me of my late husband David and his love of seeing them. Since today marks the 18th anniversary of his death, I wanted to share this picture of David making the shaka sign under this rainbow in Maui. Given our world’s pandemic of Covid, the symbolism captured in this snapshot restores my hope for today and our days ahead.

I knew I had saved this picture, but it took me quite a while to find it. I started rummaging through the attic boxes, and as I sifted through our hidden treasures it was like watching a movie of our family over the years before and after David’s death. I found everything from baby clothes, Star Wars toys, VHS tapes of Disney Movies, boxes of pictures, and then I happened to come across a Muppets CD with Kermit the Frog on the cover.

To my surprise, the Rainbow Connection song was the second song on the CD. I have been playing the Rainbow Connection song over and over again and sometimes crying as the lyrics of the song really get to me. The words written by Paul Williams and Kenny Asher that touch my heart most are “and someone believes it.”  To me this line means believing in the powers beyond the science of the magic of rainbows.  It means making a connection from the distance under the rainbow to over the rainbow.  Rainbows often show up when I need a lift in my spirit.

 Finally, I found this snapshot of David under the rainbow last night at the bottom of the last box of pictures in an album from our past.  The way David was waving his right hand with the shaka sign in this picture has a greater message for me this year. Seeing his optimism after the rains while visiting Hawaii helped me realize that everything is alright no matter what! Even in times of unspeakable losses around the world, I believe in vision of rainbows! Thank you David for always showing me that everything is alright!

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