Work With Me

Together we will determine how to approach the struggles that brought you here. I look forward to helping you find healing and wholeness again after loss! Suffering in body, mind, or spirit is inevitable, but staying in the darkness of these shadows can be overcome with support and guidance along the way. Grief, loss, and recovery from brokenness is possible by sharing the road to wellness. Here are some ways I can assist you in this journey.

One on one Heart Coaching sessions are the most intimate way to work through your specific experience and get you moving from your current situation to wellness with hope and happiness again.  Transformation from loss due to death, divorce, health, or recovery issues are areas I specialize in. Each journey is different, but I can help you cope, grow, and thrive in your unique situation over time.  I recommend that you contact me for a free 30-minute consult to explore our work together.  If you decide to work with me after our consultation, I find weekly hour meetings for 4 weeks will give us time to focus more closely on identifying the challenges that brought you here and how to move towards finding healing and wholeness. After those first 4 weeks, we can assess your needs going forward and meet bi-weekly or as needed for your personal journey. Call me at 804-363-2890 or get in touch here.

Workshops and Group Events are offered to small and large groups specially designed for grief, recovery, and support for those who are suffering from heart-breaking change. I have worked with churches, schools, grief centers, and hospitals to design group work to help support the journey towards healing and wholeness. The benefits of mutual support and understanding between participants can enhance the healing process towards hope and happiness. A grief support group for those losing a spouse is usually offered to those who have lost their spouse within the last six months.  Workshops can be given as a one-time event focusing on education, self-care, meditation practices, and topics related to loss as needed. To inquire about offering one of these events in your area call 804-363-2890 or contact me here. Stay tuned for scheduled events in your area.

Writing and Speaking from the heart have given me an opportunity to share my stories and journey amid the suffering and changes that inevitably come into our lives. Learn more.