Welcome to Heart Heels! Thanks for taking steps with your heels towards healing and wholeness at Heart Heels!

For those that are grieving losses as a result of critical illness, death, divorce, or traumatic events, I specialize in helping one cope, grow, and ultimately thrive following seasons of inevitable change.

Heart Coaching is my unique approach to dealing with grief and loss. Heart Coaching is life coaching for healing and empowerment amid suffering and changes that are often described as heart breaking.

If you or someone you love feels as if the “rug has been pulled out from under them,” then you have come to the right place.

I know what it feels like to stand on the cold hard floor of change that tugs at our hearts. After trying to rise up out of the ashes after the death of my husband, I resolved to help others who found themselves struggling after loss.

The last 14 years of working towards wellness for me, my family, and those within my small corner of the world has given me the courage to extend this process to others!

My Story

My passion for reaching out to others in times of grief is a result of the transformational processes of healing following 4 tragic losses during my early forties. After battling stage three colon cancer, my mother died of a sudden heart attack, a year later my husband died in the same way, and finally the impact of these losses threw my sons and me into a downward spiral of overwhelming proportions. While each of these life-changing events threatened to destroy me, I eventually found wellness again. Time became my friend as the tears and years washed over me. This new vocational calling as a heart coach is a result of those days, months, and now years!

Why This Matters

All of humanity struggles with illness, death, grief, and even feeling lost as part of being human. My heart coaching is a way to help one find hope in the midst of these changes for today and the days ahead. This is not counseling or intensive therapy, but a way of offering empathy, support, and guidance while you work towards becoming whole again after loss.

If you are wrestling with loss and wondering where to turn, then you have come to the right place.  Even though we know everyone will face loss, the pain and agony of life changing events is overwhelming. Sometimes our friends and family just don’t seem to grasp what we are dealing with.  You are not alone in your struggle. Grief is natural and individual. This is a safe place to seek healing and wholeness at your own pace.  The courage for transforming losses brought you here.  It is my passion to help you find hope and happiness after suffering loss.

Get started today.