Susan Butterworth. Heart Heels. Giving voice to the realities of a challenging life.

Writing & Speaking

Heart-Heels. Susan Butterworth. Writing. Working out.Sharing my journey as a widow, cancer survivor, parent, recovering co-dependent, and almost Reverend motivates me to write and speak from my heart amid the joys and sorrows that inevitably cross our paths along the way. Digging my heels in fear by silencing my truth is now harder than giving voice to the realities of a challenging life. Through sharing the stories of my journey I hope to bring healing to my heart and others as we accept ourselves as we really are.

I draw tales from my background experiences as a teacher, school counselor, lifelong student, faithful leader in churches, health and fitness nut, mother, spiritual seeker, and the first person many friends call when the world seems to be spinning out of control in their lives. Having the inspiration for following my heart in this way comes as a surprise. Although I’m still a work in progress, I am excited to share this journey. Thanks for coming along! Let’s get going on our heels and find healing for our hearts!