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Heart on the Sole of my boot and the Christmas Rush!

Today while scurrying around my bedroom in the Christmas frenzy which happens every December, I happened to see a heart that I had picked up on the sole of my favorite Frye boots. It made me pause to wonder how it got there. Regardless of the way it adhered to my right boot, I realized that I should really slow down and stop this madness.  A timely reminder just as I was about to head out to go shopping for gifts for my family and friends. Maybe this heart is a sign to change my focus in giving to others. Will a pair of wool socks really make a difference in my son’s stocking or should I just dedicate an hour every week to meet him for coffee?  I think a cup of java and heart to heart conservation is the obvious answer to that question! So, I decided to post this heart on the sole of my boot as a way of keeping me anchored in love rather than obsessing over finding the perfect gift for everyone. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season. In the meantime, I’m heading out in my Frye boots with my special pink plastic heart glued to the sole of my right foot.  May your journey be filled with love always!

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