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Taking up my mat and walking again!

I want to dedicate this post to my sons Ben and Andy who have shown great courage in living with hope in spite of losing their father thirteen years ago to a massive heart attack during a basketball game at their school during a scrimmage with other boys. Watching them rise up and walk again has inspired me to share pieces of this incredible journey with others. While the road has been rocky, it has also given us new ways to keep on going!

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Backyard Party Setting

Mothering Love in One Another

This day when we celebrate our mothers, I am grateful for the lessons in love that my mother taught me.  Although my mother died 14 years ago, her compassion for others lives deep within me.  There have been times since her death that I’ve been paralyzed by the sadness of losing her.  Seeing people seek the perfect gift for their mothers melts those tears that I think have been neatly tucked away.  As I wipe away the salty tears with my hands, I recall the greatest gift of love given to me by my mother is always with me.  Remembering her unconditional love enables me to reach out to others in like manner.  The courage that it takes to live fully again after loss takes time, but the treasures of giving ourselves over to loving others will far surpass any gift we seek to purchase in a market or store.

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